About PAKAMISA Mineral & Mining Industries

PAKAMISA Mineral & Mining Industries is a holding company comprising Taaifontein Mineral Industries, Ekandustria Brick and Sand, Aluminium Chemicals and Ekandustria Refractory Materials. Using natural clay and sand as raw materials we produce high quality bricks, sand, aluminium sulphate and refractory materials.

PAKAMISA is a proudly South African company, developed by South African intellectual capital and entrepeneurial initiative. Our name – PAKAMISA – means “to lift up” in Zulu, and this is exactly what our business is about. We are deeply passionate about social and economic upliftment and sustainable development in our country. Our products are widely used on a daily basis - for building homes and infrastructure, purifying drinking water and beneficiating high value clay products.

PAKAMISA measures success through more than profit. We acknowledge not only our responsibility towards our shareholders, but also towards our employees, country and environment. We are one of the major employers in the Ekangala area – providing much needed socio-economic stability to this poverty and HIV and AIDS affected area.

PAKAMISA consistently strives towards greener processes and products. We are also passionate about efficiency – about maximizing profit through minimizing waste. As a striking example of this commitment, Aluminium Chemicals recently started recycling waste produced during Aluminium Sulphate production into a non-toxic ingredient of fertilizer. Production processes at Aluminium Chemicals, furthermore, do not contaminate any water resources, as all our wastewater is treated and re-used. Taaifontein Mineral Industries has a detailed environmental management plan (EMP), endorsed by the Department of Mineral and Energy, as well as a rehabilitation fund. Our mining processes produce no heavy metals and very little environmental contamination while our brick and sand products are 100% natural, fully biodegradable and contain no toxic elements.

PAKAMISA is committed to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. The four companies of the PAKAMISA group currently employ a total of 233 people, 41% of which is black men, and 52% black women. PAKAMISA intends to finalize its BEE commitment in terms of the BEE charter in 2012.

PAKAMISA believes in constant growth and development. A few ambitious projects with great potential are planned for the immediate future: